Samantha & Brock

Samantha & Brock

Samantha and Brock had a beautifully unique wedding day and we were honored to be able to capture each special moment! Madera Estates is quickly becoming one of our favorite venues to shoot at and this wedding was no exception!

Read below to see what Samantha had to say about how she and Brock met, as well the special story of their engagement!

Inseparable – that’s Brock and Sam from the first day they met. Brock was a bouncer at Social in College Station. Of course, he was “shaking his booty” like he owned the room when Sam arrived with her friends. She pinched… He turned around… they’ve been inseparable ever since.
With his bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University in hand, Brock also became a professional natural bodybuilder and Sam was accepted into the food science program at Texas A&M. Fast forward two years, Brock was valedictorian of his paramedic class and Sam jaunted off to Brazil to study abroad.

When I was accepted into the Study Abroad program in Brazil, we immediately began formulating a plan for Brock to come visit for a weekend while I was there. Once the plans were becoming more concrete, Brock sat me down and explained to me that him visiting in Brazil would push back our engagement and he didn’t want me to be upset if we had to put it off a little bit longer. Of course a little disappointed, I told him I understood and that being able to explore a new and beautiful country together would definitely be worth the wait.

When Brock arrived in Brazil, it was a perfect 75° day and I took him to the best place I found that far. It was a trail surrounded by lush greenery, blue skies and even lemurs. Once we hiked to the top, it overlooked the entire city of Vicosa, MG and even though he told me not to expect an engagement, deep down I was still a little hopeful. After 30 minutes atop that mountain, he could tell I was getting a little antsy and asked me what was wrong. I told him that I was kind of thinking he might propose up here, he held me close, told me he loved me and said, “I’m sorry, one day, I promise.” It was at this point that I leveled with the fact that if he were going to propose on this trip it would’ve been here on this mountain that I had been bragging about all week. So, I accepted the wait and we continued on with the rest of the day.

The next morning we took a trip to a city a little less than two hours away. Ouro Preto, was founded in the 17th century and was the focal point of the gold rush and Brazil’s “golden age” in the 18th century so naturally it was the most incredible city– more beautiful than any I could ever imagine. We stayed in the cutest (and cleanest!) cottage in the heart of town and were surrounded by green mountains, colorful houses, cobble stone roads, kind faces, great meals and incredible baroque architecture- I didn’t think it could’ve gotten any better.

After breakfast, we were wandering around the market where people came to sell beautiful handmade goods. Brock turned and mentioned he wanted to go tour this particular (absolutely stunning) church. Once we were in front, he said he wanted to take a picture, so I turned to set my bag down and when I turned back around he was already mid kneel.  Me being oblivious thought he was falling (abnormally slowly) so I reached for his arm and asked if he was okay. It was at that point, he reached full kneel and began his proposal speech. After realizing that this was THE MOMENT, I immediately thought to myself, “ Oh my goodness, this is it. Listen to EVERY word that he is saying and take this moment in and don’t forget a second!” Quickly after, I became so fully in-tune with every emotion I was feeling and I suppose I was SO excited that I literally lost my hearing and my vision blurred. This is not a joke. I vividly remember looking at Brock, thinking those thoughts to myself, and being able to see only his lips moving through my tunnel vision. The next thing I knew, I was hysterically crying of excitement, jumping into his arms and of course exclaimed, “YES!” Needless to say, it was absolutely the most wonderful weekend.



Venue: Madera Estates | Videography: Elect Films Productions | Caterer: City View Catering |Florist: Floral Concepts by Cynthia | DJ and Photo Booth: DJU Productions


  1. Linda 3 years ago

    beautiful wedding !

  2. Linda 3 years ago

    beautiful wedding !

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