Amanda and Adam

Amanda and Adam

We love shooting weddings because we basically get a front row seat to a love story between two people. It’s even better when it is apparent that these two people were made for each other and with Amanda and Adam it was just that! The love and respect these two clearly have for each other is heartwarming and inspiring and it was an honor to be able to capture their big day. It didn’t hurt that their wedding was beautifully designed and coordinated! Also, that Star Wars entrance with the light sabers? SO good!

Read below to see what Amanda had to say about how she and Adam met, as well the  story of his proposal!

How We Met:
We met at the University of Houston (hence why the ceremony was there as well!). We were both majoring in Kinesiology and had multiple classes together. We didn’t start talking to each other until Adam was sick one week from school and asked to borrow notes from me since I sat close to him and was a serious nerd. We became friends for a long time, and did not begin to date until 3 years later. The first 3 years of our relationship was mostly long distance as I was in school for physical therapy.

When we started dating, it was more of friend hanging out with friend situation at first. But Adam and I hung out together every day for 2 weeks straight. The first day we went without each seeing other, it became apparent that we both liked each other. We would come up with any reason just to see each other, whether it be just dropping off lunch or just coming over to say hi.
How Adam proposed:
It was the week of my birthday, and all I had asked for as a gift was a massage. So as a gift, Adam got me a spa package to get a massage, facial, and manicure and pedicure. Afterwards, we were to go to Pappa’s Brothers Steakhouse for dinner to celebrate us just recently moving in together. When we arrived at the restaurant, I was facing the wall with my back open towards the restaurant. I asked Adam if we could switch seats because I didn’t like having my back to a crowd and have ninjas attack without me knowing! Adam was very nonchalant and said, “Don’t worry, I always have your back.” So after the delightful dinner, we decided to order dessert. When our key lime pie arrived to the table, and I was about to dig in! Adam was like “Wait, wait, wait!! I want to talk to you about something first.” In my head, I was just like “Huh?” Adam proceeds to tell me how happy he is that we just moved in together and that he wants to take it to the next level. Again, I was like “Huh?!” Adam then pulls out a black box and fumbles trying to open it. He then places the box on the table, slides it over to me, and asks, “Will you marry me?!” I am stunned and say, “YES!!!” Adam then says, “Are you going to ask what Liana asked Ted when Ted proposed (Ted is Adam’s best friend and best man)? In return, I answered, “Wait… what does that even mean? Did you ask my parents before you asked me?” and he replies, “I don’t know, why don’t you turn around and ask them?!” and behind me, our mothers were hiding behind a booth. Our parents come over to congratulate us and directed us to the back room where the rest of our family and friends were hiding! They were all there to celebrate with us, and I have never felt so loved. I was so surprised and the whole restaurant staff knew about Adam’s proposal – they helped build a barricade of waiters to help hide our family when they went to the restroom! It was the most perfect night and I cannot wait to marry Adam!


Coordinator: Affairs by Kim | Videography:  Monroe Wedding Videography | Cake: Whisk Bakery | Decor: GLO | DJ: DJ Jason Garcia | Dress: Impression Bridal | Rings: Skibell Fine Jewelry


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