Destination Wedding Photography: Getting Married On Location

Destination Wedding Photography: Getting Married On Location

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Recently, a lot more couples are choosing to have destination weddings. There are a lot of benefits to having a destination wedding, a major one being that it can be much more cost efficient. A considerable part of any wedding budget is based on the number of guests a couple decides to invite. Having a destination wedding is a great way to keep your guest list in check, since otherwise most couples feel obligated to invite everyone from their mother’s hairdresser to their college roommate who only keeps in touch through Facebook. Most of the time, acquaintances such as these will not be able to make the trip, which will provide assurance that those who are witnessing your wedding ceremony are the friends and family members who, without a doubt, mean the most to you. A smaller guest list will also ensure a more intimate setting and therefore, more quality time with your guests.

Most resorts offer full time wedding coordinators who are there to take care of every detail of your ceremony and reception for you. They will suggest vendors who they have onsite, but when it comes to hiring a photographer, it is important that you have put a lot of thought into such a decision, and have not just gone with the convenient choice.

You are already putting your trust in a coordinator who is hundreds or even thousands of miles away and someone that you have never met before. You have delegated control of almost your entire wedding to this person. You should be able to control who it is that will be photographing one of the most important days in your life, as well as the style and quality of their work. You should consider hiring a photographer who you have met in person and have already developed somewhat of a relationship with. Your wedding photos are something you will look at for decades to come and you do not want to look back at them with regret. The person you choose to take your wedding photos should be someone who you have full confidence in and who you trust to capture the best moments of your special day.


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